rusty j.

date.  2019.09

material.  mdf

size.  12x20

     Client wanted something similar to what she found online but bigger.  It was a small corrugated piece of metal in a J shape. I love builds like this where it's totally custom and get to try something new. 

     I went using 3/4in mdf on DMXcarve and tried a new app for gradients to test out my idea. Using a repeating pattern of 10 steps with a depth of 1/4in, cut a corrugated shape.  It's wasn't fun sanding the mdf steps smooth but went surprisingly fast. Next comes the rusting process and went with Modern Masters Rust Finish. Applied 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of iron paint, then a lot of the rusting solution. Once I was happy with the amount of rust I followed up by spraying a few coats of poly. To hang on the wall I mounted a metal french cleat bracket with screws and a little epoxy for extra security.